Want to run a Super Bowl ad? Get your performance marketing right first

Last year, more than 111 million viewers tuned in to the Super Bowl, and the majority viewed a smartphone just as readily as a television during the game. While the standalone TV ad still has its place, smart marketers who want to take full advantage of the Super Bowl audience are integrating TV ad campaigns […]

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Success Story - Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

The secret to compelling playable mobile ads

We’ve talked before about the six steps to designing the best mobile video ads. In that post, we posited that while it can be tempting to think the secret comes down to being really good at guessing what users will like, the reality is that it’s a mixture of art and science that dictates ad […]

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Mobile FirstLook 2017 recap: What brands expect to see in 2017

Vungle was at Mobile FirstLook 2017 last week in New York City alongside more than one hundred other leading brands and agencies, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Hershey’s, Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, PetSmart, Google and Forrester Research. The one-day conference focused on the upcoming mobile opportunities in marketing, retail, commerce and media. Top analysts and thought leaders were […]

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How are you measuring your mobile ad spend?

There are a lot of advertising channels available that can help you engage and grow your target audience, however they’re not all equally effective. For decades, traditional advertising was viewed as the standard for attracting attention, but measuring results wasn’t easy and were often tied to fluffy metrics. For a long time, this was mostly […]

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Five ad tech trends to watch in 2017

In the ad-tech world, we’ll continue to see significant changes that will affect both advertisers and publishers alike. Marketers have already begun to tackle these new challenges in the never-ending pursuit to reach and engage key audiences. Here are five trends you should follow—and respond to—throughout 2017: 1) User acquisition costs will rise. Attracting and acquiring new customers is […]

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Our latest collaboration: Vungle and YoMob

We’re always looking for ways to optimize how publishers earn ad revenue from their apps. That’s why we’re proud to announce our latest collaboration with YoMob. YoMob is a global mobile video ad optimization platform. It offers business intelligence tools that let developers and publishers analyze ad performance and improve monetization. Our new collaboration means […]

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Six steps to designing the best mobile video ads

The process behind how Vungle designs ad creatives has evolved a lot in the past couple of years. We take a data-driven approach here; as such, there have been surprising revelations we’ve discovered in terms of how to make creatives that compel users to engage. While a beautiful design can certainly attract eyes, it’s not […]

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Santa Monica, United States - 21 March,  2015: two unidentified persons watching inside the Apple store on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica near Los Angeles in California. The retail chain owned and operated by Apple Inc is dealing with computers and electronics worldwide, with 453 retail stores in 16 countries.

Are you ATS-compliant? You should be.

This is a guest post from Daniel Nelson, Director of Engineering at Vungle iOS 10 Changes A few weeks ago we published a post to help quell the fear of mobile marketers around the iOS 10 Limit Ad Tracking update and why—when the right precautions are taken—it won’t harm their mobile marketing efforts. The crux […]

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Three ways rewarded video ads can drive in-app purchases

A funny thing happened when a large online gaming company, based in Southern California, started rewarding users for watching video ads—their in-app purchases (IAP) went up by 9 percent. In fact, the majority of our publisher clients that decide to serve up rewarded videos are experiencing revenue gains as a result. In an industry where […]

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Young asian woman using a smartphone.

How Memebox grew brand awareness and scored new users

As we prepare for G-Star, one of the world’s biggest gaming events hosted in Korea, it’s a great time to examine how one leading Korean brand, Memebox, leveraged mobile marketing best practices from gaming companies to enhance its branding and new user acquisition (UA) strategy. Gaming best practices can fuel big gains for savvy brand […]

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