If Mad Men met mobile, creative would still reign – with a lot of help from science

If Mad Men Met Mobile Video, Creative Would Still Reign

This piece originally appeared in The Drum – head over to their site to read Si Crowhurst’s perspective on mobile advertising creative in its entirety.  Amid all the discussion of Mad Men’s final episode, I’ve been thinking about why a TV series set in the advertising world of the 1960s and ‘70s would seem so relevant to […]

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3 Opt-in Mobile Video Ad Placements That Keep Users Come Back for More

Mobile video advertising hasn’t always had the best reputation. Static formats like interstitials and pop-up banners have historically annoyed users by interrupting the game flow and causing accidental clicks. But, opt-in mobile video is slowly changing the perception of in-app advertising. These placements, also known as rewarded, give something of value to users in return […]

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Letterpad Apple Watch

How NimbleBit Developed Its First Apple Watch Game

Apple fans aren’t the only ones who are excited to receive their shiny new Apple Watches this month. Watch developers are also anxiously awaiting watch arrivals so they can see the public response to apps they’ve been crafting for months. NimbleBit’s Letterpad, one of the first games to be released with Apple Watch support, is […]

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You’re Invited – Join TUNE & Vungle May 20 to Boost Your Ad Performance

The cost of acquiring new users is on a steep incline, rising 34% last year alone. For advertisers, this means spending your budget in the right places is more critical than ever. That’s where view-through attribution comes in. In the past, attribution was based on the click. It didn’t account for people who saw an ad but […]

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The Hidden Elements of Building a Hit Puzzle Game

In my post last week, I talked about the critical elements to building a puzzle game – from a new and fun mechanic and social map to turn-based gameplay and pay-to-continue mechanics and progress gates. But, apart from the six quite obvious game system designs there are also three very important hidden elements which every (modern) […]

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Timer based level design has had less success on mobile compared to turn-based level design.

The 6 Rules of a Hit Puzzle Game

Ever since Tetris, puzzle games have been the most played games on handheld devices and computers. But it has been the App Store that has popularized puzzle games beyond what seemed to be possible and created a gold rush for the genre. At a glance puzzle games feel very simple. Match three, shoot a bubble […]

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Do’s & Don’ts for Engaging Mobile Video Creative

Earlier this week we announced Vungle Creative Labs – our in-house team of experts that creates and optimizes mobile video ad experiences. Today at Apps World Berlin, the Head of Labs Si Crowhurst shared a look at what the team has learned from running thousands of mobile video ad campaigns. Take heed of these best practices as you look to convert […]

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Now Introducing Vungle Creative Labs

Too often, advertisers just produce creative and hope it works. At Vungle, we think the best mobile video ads are both beautiful and fueled by science and real-time data. Today, we’re excited to announce the team that’s making this happen: Vungle Creative Labs. This in-house group of artists, filmmakers, designers and interactive specialists marries art and […]

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6 Games That Do Monetization Differently

With the right approach, there’s plenty of money to be made on mobile games, but it can be tricky to find a monetization battle plan that clicks. How you roll out monetization in your game can be an important factor in your overall success with sales. To offer some inspiration, here’s a quick look at […]

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Where to Find Vungle at Apps World (And Why You Should)

A team of Vunglers will be taking on Berlin next week, with a mission to showcase the latest in mobile video ad creative at Apps World Germany. In between hearing incredible keynotes and hitting the endless happy hours and networking events, we hope you’ll spend a little time with us. Here are four ways to […]

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