Vungle SDK Introduces iOS 9 & Android Marshmallow Compatibility

To provide developers the best possible mobile advertising experience, we’re excited to introduce the newest version of the Vungle SDK – now available for download! Our improved SDK focuses on performance enhancements, including: iOS 3.2.0 iOS 9 compatibility Secure communication between SDK & Ad Server Cocoapods support Improved stability Supports devices running iOS 7.0 and above […]

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3 Ways Windows Developers Benefit from our Partnership with Microsoft

It’s not every day that we open up a brand-new app platform and connect with a new audience of app developers. But today, we’re doing just that as we embark on an exciting partnership with Microsoft. Together we’re bringing monetization to Windows developers around the world with the launch of the Vungle Windows 10 SDK […]

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How to “Juice” Your Game for Maximum Impact

It may sound a little silly, but making your game “juicy” is a powerful yet abstract design concept that every developer should take time to apply to their creative world. Game juice — or game “feel”, to put it another way — can make the difference between a solid game that players enjoy and a […]

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M1 Summit 2015: 5 Experts Weigh in on AdTech’s Mobile Journey

There’s one consistent thing about the mobile adtech industry: it’s always changing. New players emerge. Companies consolidate. Targeting gets more advanced. But, not all of the changes are as fast as we’d like. Marketers are hesitant to embrace mobile. Measurement isn’t advancing fast enough. And buzzwords can distract from real conversations. But, at the end of the day, […]

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Youtube Marketing: How 3 Gaming Brands Make Influencers Matter

Gamers love Youtube. It’s the perfect visual platform to watch incredible gameplay moments or for players to post commentaries as they play their favorite games. While many of these users are casual, there’s a core group of channel creators who’ve amassed gigantic followings (and earn big money) that rival those of mainstream celebrities. To gaming […]

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7 Horrifying Game Dev Moments, expressed in GIFS

Horror can mean different things to different people, and while Halloween is a great time for spooky fun, game devs know a completely different flavor of dread that can befall them during the development process. Here are 7 moments that’ll strike terror into the heart of any developer. Launch fail You’ve worked for many hours […]

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[Tip Sheet] 6 Can’t-Miss Strategies to Win the User Acquisition Game

When it comes to mobile monetization and user acquisition, making a top-notch game that keeps players engaged is always going to be first priority. But what about getting that ever-important first boost of momentum to bring in a critical mass of users? The constant quest to build your userbase requires creative thinking and marketing acumen. […]

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5 Reasons to Soft Launch Your Mobile Game

Everyone knows that making a big splashy launch for your mobile game can be a great way to generate momentum, press, and sales right out of the starting gates. But sometimes there’s greater value in letting your project breathe out in the wild before you make your massive PR push. One benefit of soft launching […]

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What to Know About China’s Top 3 App Stores

As the world’s largest smartphone market, China represents a huge opportunity for mobile game developers and publishers. But winning in the Chinese mobile market requires more than just localization. You need to be aware of local trends and, most importantly, you need to understand the Chinese app store landscape. You see, it’s nothing like app […]

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Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Reveals 56% Higher ROI with Mobile Video Ads

UA managers are some of the most data-driven people in the industry. Building a successful acquisition program requires constant monitoring of key metrics like loyalty, activation, retention and LTV. And then, there’s the constant tweaking of features and placements to optimize each campaign. The savvy marketing team at XIMAD, Inc. is no stranger to this process. To […]

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