Trivia Crack Doubles Conversion with Interactive Mobile Video Ads

Trivia Crack is one of the most downloaded apps in the world. But like all games, it’s faced with the constant challenge of how to remain in the charts. In fact, it takes only two months for an average app’s monthly users to decline to 50 percent of peak. To achieve staying power, Etermax, developers […]

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Change of Art: 4 Predictions for the Future of Mobile Video Creative

Just a few years ago, mobile developers had to accept a sub-standard experience for ads they allowed in their apps. Ineffective banner ads crowded the screens – not beloved by any means but tolerated as the “necessary evil” to monetize users. Thankfully, app developers didn’t have to suffer long. Banner ads still exist, sure, but […]

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More Than Half of the U.S. is Now Mobile Gamers. So Where Are the Brands?

There’s no mistaking the power of the mobile gaming audience – its members hail from every imaginable age group, income bracket, and geography. And more join their ranks every day. A new report from eMarketer shows just how quickly the mobile gaming set is growing, proclaiming 2015 as “the year when mobile phone gaming becomes […]

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Going Global: 8 Steps to Localize Mobile Video

This article was originally published on Adotas – visit their site to see the full piece on mobile video localization.  “Audiences around the world are overwhelmingly open to mobile video advertisements that relate to their context and viewing patterns,” said Joe Laszlo, senior director of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, upon last […]

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5 Brand-New Stats about Mobile Gaming in China & Southeast Asia

In 2015, more than 26% of global game revenues came from Southeast Asia and China, according to new data from Newzoo. For developers, these two high-growth regions offer huge opportunities to reach millions of new users. But, for those with limited resources, it’s difficult to know where to start when publishing globally. Newszoo’s new report, previewed early […]

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7 MacGyver-like Tactics to Make Your Game Stickier

“Engagement is everything,” summed up Jill Wilson, SVP, Game Development for SGN. “People are leading their lives and fitting your game into their schedule. Engagement – figuring out how to make games more compelling and keep users coming back – is everything.” Wilson, and gaming experts from Pocket Gems, SharkPunch, TUNE, and more, shared tips at PG Connects on […]

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The Expert’s Guide to User Acquisition

Excitement builds at Pocket Gamer Connects. Header photo: @eventsforgamers There’s one thing all game developers have in common: the need for new users. With many thousands of apps hitting the market every year, the competition is fierce. At Pocket Gamer Connects, a host of experts from gaming, research and monetization delivered compelling tips on driving […]

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4 Mobile Gaming Insights from DeNA West CEO Shintaro Asako

The crowd gathers for the Superstar sessions at PG Connects. Header image: @Athanateus Today, Pocket Gamer Connects kicked off with a series of Superstar Sessions offering a peek into the world of mobile gaming at large companies like Samsung, Disney, and DeNa Games. Shintaro Asako, CEO of DeNA West, held the crowd’s interest as he dove […]

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Russian Developer Tigrido Sets the Rules with its Dictator Mobile Games

Create a mobile battle game. Toss in a supreme ruler with unlimited power. Sprinkle in some humor and imaginative graphics. Add mobile video ads to monetize. And there you have it, the recipe for the popular Dictator mobile game. Dictator: Outbreak and Dictator: Revolt (a top 100 strategy game) were created by Russian-based studio Tigrido. […]

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Vungle is Taking on the Video Ad Industry in South Korea: Here’s How

Today, with the launch of Vungle Korea, we’re excited to bring our model of mobile video advertising to a brand-new market. Located in D.Camp, a buzzing tech and start-up space in Seoul, South Korea, Vungle Korea is perfectly positioned to help local developers and publishers bring their apps to a global market. “Our goal is […]

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