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Vungle's interactive video ads have proven higher conversions, which means you earn more revenue with us.

Top publishers depend on Vungle

Our in-app video ads and innovative templates are designed to blend into the user experience you’ve carefully created for your audiences. That’s why Vungle ads simply perform better, which in turn, helps you grow your mobile business. We’re proud of our track record of helping publishers generate more revenue. In fact, some of our customers have seen a 10x increase in monetization!

What we deliver to publishers

  • Higher monetization

    Higher monetization

    Earn more for your inventory by selling to the highest bidders worldwide.

  • Flexible placements

    Flexible placements

    Control when your audience sees ads. Optimize moments for rewards and bonuses.

  • Access to advertisers

    Access to advertisers

    Vungle partners with top advertisers to ensure you near-100% global fill rates.

Fast and lightweight

Fast and lightweight

Vungle is the infrastructure for in-app video advertising. Our SDK enables you to generate more revenue for your app with high-performing video ads.

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