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Vungle acquires AlgoLift Fresh from Vungle v2

Company Announcement

AlgoLift Acquisition

Vungle, the leading mobile ad network and in-app monetization platform, announced today the acquisition of AlgoLift, an LTV powered user acquisition automation platform for mobile advertisers.

Product Announcement

SDK 6.8

Vungle is proud to announce SDK 6.8 that supports iOS 14, and provides publishers with new capabilities to better reach their audience, gain more data, and achieve an improved user experience.

Success Story


Music app Audiomack wanted a monetization plan that didn’t interfere with a user’s journey. Vungle responded with an interstitial solution—resulting in a 7% increase in ARPDAU.


Immersive Video

Vungle Creative Labs has created a new ad unit, Immersive Video, which allows users to interact and explore within a mobile video ad. It makes an immediate impact, captures users’ attention, and can differentiate a publisher’s game or brand.

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