Dec 13th 2021

Life of a Product Manager With Matt

Name: Matt Bennion
Title: Product Director
Department: SaaS and Creative Experience

Tell us what you do here at Vungle, and what your typical day is like.

What makes product so rewarding and exciting is that I wouldn’t say we have a typical day. I work closely with our international team in London, so the morning hours are precious overlap for meetings, syncs, and general communication with that team before they finish their day.

After that, I’ll do a variety of things: Respond to emails, check data of recent product releases, customer meetings, research and plan new product features, coordinate cross-functional teams, and help any way I can.

What was unexpected about working at Vungle?

How accessible everyone is. When working on a project, we are a very collaborative culture, and everyone is willing to chip in and help in some capacity.

What makes your work meaningful?

I love solving problems. Being able to deeply understand a meaningful problem and be a part of the team solving it in thoughtful and innovative ways is exciting. I love watching those successful solutions impact our growth as a company and give us new opportunities.

What’s your favorite memory about working here?

At the Vungle Global Summit in Cabo, I signed up for surfing lessons. Picture about 20-30 beginner surfers with 3-4 instructors all out in the waves trying to catch waves…it was chaotic! My favorite memory was catching a wave at the same time as a colleague and we high-fived while riding next to each other. Fun fact, while on that wave together, it was the first time we met since he was based in a different city and, now, we are working together on some projects.

What would you tell people who are considering joining Vungle?

If you’re looking for a place to stretch and grow outside your comfort zone, Vungle is a unique opportunity to do just that. I’ve been able to grow my career in ways I never thought possible, and I credit the culture and environment Vungle has built.

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Vungle Marketing