Dec 6th 2021

Reface App Sees 7% Increase in Total Revenue After Integrating Vungle


Reface is a Ukrainian artificial intelligence (AI) company founded in 2015 with more than 150 employees. Their hit app, Reface: Face Swap Videos, is the leading face-swapping app that applies state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) technology to quickly create realistic face swap videos, GIFs, and photos. Reface is the top app in their genre on both the iOS and Android platforms. Reface’s innovative and creative app has been recognized by Forbes, TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, and in tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, among others.


Out of the gate, the Reface app has been a hit in the app stores. In 2020, Reface reached No. 1 in the App Store across all categories in more than 100 countries. Originally focused on a subscription model, Reface saw an opportunity to diversify their revenue by delving more deeply into their ad monetization strategy. With the increasing success of the app, Reface wanted to continue to increase their ad revenue by adding more monetization partners to their mediation stack.

It was important for the Reface team to find a monetization partner that has a track record of helping non-gaming apps grow their ad revenue and has high fill rates in tier one countries — like U.S., Japan, Europe (U.K. Germany, France) — as well as in non-tier one regions such as LATAM (especially Brazil) where Reface has a lot of users. Like many app publishers, Reface was on the lookout for a monetization partner with high-quality demand that wouldn’t adversely affect user retention. The Reface team found their ideal partner in Vungle and went straight to SDK integration and testing.


Reface was up and running with Vungle in no time. Vungle’s world-class account management team was there with Reface every step of the way, helping them with placement ID creation, mediation dashboard setup, and first-price auction recommendations. As a result, Reface’s team was able to set up a winning strategy at an early stage.

Working closely with Vungle’s account management team, Reface was able to improve their overall mediation waterfall by selecting the most optimal price points as well as the number of placements.

Vungle’s broad demand mix of high quality gaming and brand ads helped provide high fill rates in countries outside of the U.S. like Brazil, the U.K., and Germany.

As they got more familiar with the Vungle dashboard, Reface’s team appreciated the straightforward user interface and ease of navigation.


Since partnering with Vungle, Reface has seen a 15% increase in ARPDAU on Android, 25% increase on iOS, and up to 7% increase in total revenue after only 30 days. The Reface team couldn’t be happier with the speed at which Vungle delivered outsized results.

The Reface team recently opened up their mediation stack to app bidding, quickly adding Vungle as an app bidding partner. Reface sees their current successes with Vungle as only the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership.

“The collaborative approach of Vungle’s team to learning our needs and sharing insights helped us to improve our ad monetization.”
– Dmitry Gannoshenko
Head of Monetization, Reface

Vungle Marketing

Vungle Marketing