Apr 16th 2019

Meet Vungle at MAU Vegas 2019

On May 1-2 at MGM Grand, the top minds in mobile growth marketing will gather together at MAU Vegas 2019 to explore and expand the industry. Vungle is definitely not missing this chance to come to Vegas! Our creative experts wants to teach you how to optimize mobile creatives through data and revitalize a weak campaign.

How a Data-Driven Creative Can Turn a Campaign Around, Presented by Vungle Creative Labs

May 1, 2019 @ 2:50pm

MGM Grand, Room 155, MAU Las Vegas 2019


MAU Las Vegas 2019

Making a strong, meaningful connection with people is at the heart of advertising, and innovative creative that is informed by strong customer data is key to the success of any advertising campaign. As a leader in creative innovation in the performance marketing space, Vungle has helped thousands of brands and gaming advertisers create ad experiences that drive results. Join Gavin, our Global Head of Production at Vungle Creative Labs, for an illuminating talk on how strong data can help improve your creative campaigns and deliver the best-possible performance.

Gavin, Global Head of Creative Labs, Production

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Amir Friedlander

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