Jun 7th 2019

Vungle & IAB Explore How Playable Ads Can Boost Your Business

In-app playable ads are one of the most effective forms of engagement and conversion. Check out some of these stats from Playable Ads for Brands, IAB’s most recent playbook produced in collaboration with our Vungle team.

  • Carnival Cruise Line’s “Choose Fun” playables saw 35% engagement and 57% completion. 34% of engaged users actually wanted to play the ad again.
  • Western Union’s playable “Where Do You Usually Send Money” campaign generated an 18% clickthrough rate and more than 20,000 installs of Western Union’s WU app.
  • Pepsi’s “Summer Quest” jumper-style playable had a 35% completion rate. 94% of users who reached the playable’s end card clicked through to enter Pepsi’s sweepstakes.

IAB’s playbook shows you how to identify and leverage quality playable ads. Whether you’re a brand looking for hungry audiences or a developer looking for better monetization streams, playable ads can be your best friends.

Read the playbook

What you’ll learn:

  • The different compositional elements of a playable, and how to measure the success of each specific piece.
  • How to prompt users to interact with a playable, and how to quickly and intuitively teach them the rules of the game.
  • How to introduce your users to your brand or enhance your brand story through playables.
  • Playables’ various pricing models — including which one is preferred by top mobile leaders.
  • Best practices, industry standards, and more!

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Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

Sr. Content Marketing Manager