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Feb 25th 2020

Earn More Publisher Revenue With Cache Optimization & Banner Ads in Vungle SDK 6.5

Fill impressions even faster with Cache Optimization 2.0 & unlock more revenue with Vungle’s new Banner Ads!

Download SDK 6.5

SDK 6.5 Cache Optimization

Cache Optimization 2.0

  • We’ve enhanced the way we cache ads to now serve them even faster, boosting fill rates and monetization.
  • Data usage on users’ devices is reduced.
  • No extra configuration required! This all happens automatically under the hood.

SDK 6.5 Banners

Banner Ads

  • Boost your monetization strategy with Vungle’s new ad format — banners!
  • Preserve user experience without sacrificing revenue.
  • Set your own ad refresh times through Vungle or your mediation partner for more control over impression rates.
  • Leverage existing app-level settings such as content tags and blacklists to customize your ad experiences.
  • Banners ads are automatically localized for higher conversion.
  • Supported by MoPub and AdMob adapters.

Download SDK 6.5

Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

Sr. Content Marketing Manager