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Feb 10th 2020

Striving to Redefine How the World Experiences Mobile Ads

Without a doubt, the world has gone mobile. With so many humans plugged into mobile devices, brands have unprecedented access to users and endless opportunities to engage. The race for loyal paying customers now hinges heavily on how well your brand’s mobile creatives can captivate users within seconds, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. The science of creative performance has become a cornerstone of brand growth.

Vungle has continued to raise the bar for mobile performance marketing. Today, Vungle touches more than a third of all smartphones on the planet and serves over five billion ads every month. As a leading authority on mobile user engagement, Vungle’s creative performance team — better known as Vungle Creative Labs (VCL) — strives to strengthen new and existing brands with innovative creative performance technology, multidisciplinary expertise, and data-backed performance and optimization.

Let’s take a look at how VCL is changing the way people discover and experience mobile apps.

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What is VCL (Vungle Creative Labs)?

  • We’re a team of multi-disciplinary experts obsessed with blending creative, technology, and data insights to define the best practices for high mobile performance to strengthen our clients’ brands.
  • We work on emergent technology that sets industry standards for user engagement and creative innovation.
  • We optimize campaigns through real-time creative data and machine learning that make clients’ messaging more impactful and insight-driven.

VCL Vungle Creative Labs Team

Meet the Team

How does Vungle drive creative performance?

  • We build mobile ads that are as intelligently delivered as they are visually stunning.
  • We generate higher engagement by using sophisticated data models to target the right segments with the right content.
  • We deliver satisfying user experiences with creatives that are true to the integrity of your brand.
  • We discover new avenues of engagement with innovative, boundary-pushing technology.
  • We help clients execute specialized strategies at scale using messaging that resonates.

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Si Crowhurst

Si Crowhurst

VP of Vungle Creative Labs