Feb 10th 2020

How to Boost Your Company Culture to Drive Better Performance and Results

According to Gallup, 51% of workers are unhappy with their jobs — and only 13% are truly enthusiastic about their workplace. Vungle understands that company culture isn’t merely about Friday happy hours and swanky perks. Our in-house team of creative performance experts — also known as Vungle Creative Labs — spent a lot of effort boosting worker satisfaction & fueling creative innovation at our London office.

Here are tips from our top minds on helping your team flourish:

“Lean on each other! Everybody has their personal knowledge from their previous jobs or from Vungle. We are constantly educating each other on the mobile industry and the creative technology we use, edifying each other with knowledge so we can better innovate and delight our clients. Innovation isn’t really about creating a new wireframe for an experience. It’s about working together and sharing skills to solve a real commercial problem.”

— Marian, Innovation Team Lead

Vungle Creative Labs (VCL) teamwork

“To be creative, you must find inspiration in what other people do. When I joined Vungle Creative Labs, I was amazed with the talent here, especially those who craft Vungle video ads. Our motion designers are incredible humans, and there’s a really nice synergy in the team. We learn from each other, we listen, but we can also give honest feedback. We all have different ideas of creating the best-possible mobile ad, and this mindset helps us challenge and push each other towards a common goal. There is a trust that things will end up working, because as a team we have such a strong creative engine.”

— Sandra, Sr. Creative Technologist

“A company with integrity usually runs on respect. When people respect their coworkers, they will work harder to produce quality. I love working at Vungle Creative Labs because of the people. We never want to let our team down, and we want to work just as hard as them. We never put anyone down for ideas that might not work — instead, we listen respectfully to encourage a positive environment that seeks technological innovation and creativity wherever they may come from. Employees feel heard, and the company thrives — it’s a win-win.”

— Chi, Sr. Creative Motion Designer

“Tech can often feel exclusive — like you’ve got to speak a certain language that people sometimes can’t engage with. But if you have a personable leader and someone who speaks on a human level — which is what leadership at Vungle Creative Labs aims for — you can help employees better connect with and feel pride for their work. When you can understand why something is being built, you can truly appreciate your project and its underlying mission. This leads everyone to work with more integrity.”

— Nat, Sr. Creative Motion Designer

“Constantly build bridges between gaps. At Vungle, for example, we always have to translate client needs from our sales team’s lexicon into requirements that the creative team can understand, and then back again. It’s a never-ending cycle because the tech industry is constantly changing — so you have to keep changing at the same pace. Your team needs to cultivate a communal desire to understand the industry and keep evolving.”

— Nic, Creative Account Manager

At Vungle Creative Labs, we value an environment that encourages collaboration — working together with integrity and endless determination to foster an environment that innovates creative technology. Do you want to be part of the Vungle team?

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Becky Liu

Becky Liu