Feb 23rd 2021

Meet Mayur and the DevOps Department

Name: Mayur
Title: Director of Engineering, DevOps
Department: DevOps

Introducing the DevOps department

DevOps is a function within the Engineering organization. DevOps consists of DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and Security. Our responsibilities touch all aspects of Vungle production systems. Our goal is to help Vungle scale, be secure, and keep systems operating at peak performance.

Why is this team vital to Vungle?

DevOps is like the nervous system of Vungle that touches all aspects of engineering and product, keeping the Vungle family of products healthy and available at all times.

DevOps Initiative Highlight

Behind the scenes, DevOps is always working towards new innovative solutions to automate scalability and performance. Our goal is to have clear, measurable observability to help automate aspects of engineering.

What makes someone successful on this team?

A passion for learning new technology, finding that small change that can make a huge difference, and never giving up on a problem.

Can you share a fun fact about the team?

Our team is comprised of members from a very diverse background, spread across the globe, but who love to come together for delicious food.

Mayur Vungle Director of Engineering DevOps

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