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Mar 3rd 2020

How Mobile Publishers and Advertisers Can Benefit From Vungle Adaptive Creatives

One of the biggest mobile industry challenges is how to strike a balance between successful in-app ad monetization and a positive user experience. Vungle Creative Labs recently developed new automated creative technology that addresses this issue while at the same time improving performance for publishers and advertisers.

Introducing Adaptive Creatives, a new ad formatting and delivery framework from Vungle that gives publishers more control over setting the right ad experience for each placement — from close button timers to the shape and color of download buttons. Advertisers can also benefit from this feature’s automation to set up and scale creatives faster on Vungle’s global network. With Adaptive Creatives, clients can find the sweet spot where mobile performance and user experience intersect.

What are Adaptive Creatives?

Adaptive Creatives are a responsive ad format based on the industry standard MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions) and our innovative creative technology. Vungle tapped into MRAID’s ability to let publishers rapidly innovate ad interactions and dynamically change creatives in real-time according to their desired ad experience settings.

Using Adaptive Creatives, publishers are now able to customize attributes of the same ad differently across various ad experiences (rewarded, interstitials, and banners) in order to manage user experience (UX) against monetization.

Vungle Adaptive Creatives
Vungle can adapt the most important attributes of a creative to maintain user experience according to publisher requirements.

What is Adaptive Creatives’ impact on publishers?

Publishers utilizing Adaptive Creatives saw a 7-12% uplift in global performance as a result of better-defined placement-level experiences. The ability of more granular control over their monetization strategy as well as hitting higher CPMs.

What is Adaptive Creatives’ impact on advertisers?

Increased publisher performance led to increased conversion rates and scale for advertisers. Since Adaptive Creatives’ automation also reduces the number of creatives needed for a campaign, advertisers benefit from a streamlined creative process, quicker algorithmic optimization across campaigns, and the ability to launch and scale campaigns faster than competitors.

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David Rosenberg

David Rosenberg

Senior Product Manager