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Dec 22nd 2020

Device Targeting: An Enhancement to Vungle’s Contextual Targeting

Vungle is proud to announce that we now have product capabilities that allow advertisers to target specific iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon devices.

In addition targeting specific Android devices, you can also target Android devices by its retail price. In what we’re calling “Device Retail Price Targeting”, we allow you to target Android devices by its manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

With these features, advertisers like you can access a list of devices or filter by MSRP on our platform and configure the campaign to either allow only those devices in the list, or deny the devices in the list.

With the privacy enhancements planned to be released in iOS 14 in 2021 and expected to follow on Android, contextual targeting and contextual signals are becoming even more important to user acquisition.

Although Vungle’s strength is already contextual performance, we don’t necessarily have all of those signals targetable for you. We are introducing Device Targeting and Device Retail Price Targeting as a unique and privacy-agnostic way to drive the evolution of advertiser targeting strategies.

These new capabilities add to the many features that you can use to reach your target audience. iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon devices can range substantially in terms of their cost, and Vungle has seen that user behavior in our platform varies by device.

Often users of higher-end or higher-quality devices tend to become valuable paying users that generate higher revenue per install and return on ad spend (ROAS) for advertisers who optimize for this metric.

“With the ability to target by device models and MSRP ranges, Vungle adds innovative new features to bolster our strength with contextual targeting,” said Matt Ellinwood, Director of Product Management at Vungle. “These new features give our Advertisers more granular control to maximize their campaign performance through the Vungle platform.”

To get started with these new features, please contact your Vungle account manager or reach out to

Tony Ouk

Tony Ouk

Director of Product Marketing