Sep 23rd 2019

5 Tips for Diversifying Ad Spend Outside the US

When it comes to spending money for new quality users, targeting the US is an obvious choice. But by focusing your spend on only the “safe” geos, you could actually be hurting your returns. As mobile grows, more advertisers compete in the US, pumping up bid prices until you start eating away at your ROAS (return on ad spend).

The same budget that struggles to find US users can be redirected into global markets for drastically larger reach. For example, have you ever considered a strategy around India? The majority of its five billion new installs in Q4 2018 were Android games (Source: Sensor Tower, 2019). And what about Japan? Even though its population is significantly smaller than the US, App Store spending has been estimated to be more than $200 per person since 2012 (Source: Sensor Tower, 2018).

Time to put your eggs in new baskets! Here are steps you can take right now to start growing your audience reach outside the US:

Begin with analyzing organic traffic by country to see where your strong non-US audiences are.

Look at store conversion rates and identify where your organic traffic is converting.

Track your ROAS — you want your curve to look healthy before you invest.

Track additional ROAS growth off of your baseline in new geos. Break down campaigns by country versus the rest of the world. This gives you more visibility and insight.

Creative is king! Always be optimizing and localizing your ads for the highest-possible conversion rates. (Hint: Vungle makes some of the best creatives on the market.)

Want to reach more audiences from new places? Vungle can help!

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Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

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