Sep 20th 2019

Vungle Scores Again for US Ad LTV in Latest SOOMLA Report

Mobile measurement leader SOOMLA — whose recent Ad Network Comparison Report showcased Vungle’s competitive eCPMs — just featured us again in their Q2 2019 LTV Benchmarks Report, which ranked major ad networks based on their seven-day and thirty-day Ad LTVs (long-term values).

Defining Ad LTV as the total advertising revenue generated by an app’s average user over their lifetime, SOOMLA has examined over nine billion impressions across 80 million users to discover that Vungle again drives substantial LTV. Advertisers can see how Vungle effectively turns advertising budget into quality customers who keep spending.


“SOOMLA’s reports provide timely insights to mobile marketing professionals… We are excited to see Vungle’s performance claims validated once again,” says Martin Price, VP of Product at Vungle. “We strive to provide developers with a platform that enables them to creatively engage with their users and to fuel their performance.”

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Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

Sr. Content Marketing Manager