On-Demand Webinar

Content vs. Context: Find the Right Balance to Drive Mobile Performance

For mobile ad creative to be effective, it has to be more than just a stunning work of art. You also have to know where, when, and how ads will have the most impact.

Learn the difference between ad placement types and how each can be leveraged for maximum engagement.

In this on-demand webinar we answer these questions

  • What are the main types of mobile ad formats?
  • How do different types of ad formats engage users differently?
  • How does ad placement impact the way content is created and converts the user?

About the presenter

Yann Zeller, Senior Creative Account Director,<br />
Vungle Creative Labs
Yann Zeller
Senior Creative Account Director,
Vungle Creative Labs

At Vungle, Yann embodies the intersection of clients, product teams, sales teams, and Vungle Creative Labs to drive innovative creatives and discover new content that appeals to consumers.

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