May 4th 2020

Replate and Vungle Partner to Feed At-Risk Communities in San Francisco

As we all unite together against the spread of COVID-19, we are faced with new challenges that most of us had previously never imagined. These difficult times of social distancing and shelter-in place are especially challenging for the half a million people in the San Francisco Bay Area who work in restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses that have closed their doors. Thousands of other Bay Area residents such as hungry students and homebound seniors are faced with the uncertainty of where their next meal will come from. That is why we must come together and help those who are especially vulnerable during these trying times.

Vungle is proud to partner with Replate, a food service non-profit. Through this partnership, we are proud to add this program to the Vungle Cares initiative. Replate takes Vungle’s normally catered office meals and delivers them to those most in need within the Bay Area. As members of the tech community, Replate and Vungle continuously strive to find new ways of using technology to support local restaurants and individuals. Both local businesses and food-deprived communities benefit, with more than 905 meals delivered to our community in the past few weeks.

We all have a part to play in these challenging times. We encourage others to join this partnership. Join us and Replate to help restaurants and people in need.

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Stephanie Douglass

Stephanie Douglass

VP of People