Jan 15th 2020

Learn How Brand Advertising Can Boost Your Monetization Strategy at PG Connects London

What: How Does Brand Advertising Fit into Your Monetization Strategy? Featuring Vungle’s Global Head of Programmatic, Michael Deignan

Where: Track Room 2 of PG Connects @ The Brewery, 52 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SD, United Kingdom

When: January 21, 2020 @ 11:40AM


Learn how to broaden your gaming inventory to attract non-gaming advertisers at PG Connects London, the world’s leading games industry conference. With over 850 mobile companies attending and an estimated £100 million of deals hosted, PG Connects is a can’t-miss event for app developers who want to grow.

Discover the tools you need to maximize your CPM through programmatic, including an intro to app-ads.txt and sellers.json, and how they fit in the fraud prevention ecosystem. Hear about significant mobile marketing trends in 2020 and why brand spend should be part of your monetization mix.

Brand Advertising for Monetization, PG Connects London

About Michael: Michael is Vungle’s Global Head of Programmatic and has been working in ad tech for 12+ years. He focuses on shaping brand advertisers’ perceptions of mobile advertising by creating safe, consistent access to quality mobile video inventory. Michael defines Vungle’s strategy of delivering a programmatic buying experience within the Vungle premium offering — access to the right audience, in the world’s hottest apps, as they peak in popularity.

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Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

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