May 20th 2019

Meet Vungle at Casual Connect London

We’re heading to the Swinging City on May 28 for Casual Connect London,

an opportunity to meet over 100 mobile gaming leaders who know how creativity and business can be combined to develop quality next-generation gaming technology. Since Vungle is all about creativity and technology, we’ll be waiting in Room MR9 to chat with you about engaging your in-app audiences in exciting and effective ways.

Also, don’t miss our creative expert’s talk!

What: How a Data Driven Creative Can Turn a Campaign Around
When: May 29th @ 11:30 AM
Where: St. James Suite, 4th Floor

Gavin, our global head of Vungle Creative Labs, will show you how the right data-optimized creatives can turn weak campaigns into winners. Making a strong, meaningful connection with people is at the heart of advertising. Vungle Creative Labs believe you maximize this connection through the intersection of innovative creative and strong contextual data to drive user acquisition.

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Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

Sr. Content Marketing Manager