Feb 14th 2019

Vungle Ranks High in Singular’s 2019 ROI Index

The proof is in the pudding. We’ve worked hard to make Vungle a global powerhouse for mobile discovery and engagement, and we appreciate it when others confirm our strength through their own studies. This week, we’re honored to make prominent appearances in several categories of Singular’s 2019 ROI Index, which sampled the top 700 apps, over $1.5 billion of spend, half a billion installs, and almost $3 billion in revenue to see which ad networks generated the best returns.

So how does Vungle perform when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck? Let’s take a look.

Vungle ranks in the Top 5 for both iOS and Android

Vungle ranks in the top 5 for Singular's ROI Index 2019

Source: Singular ROI Index 2019

No surprise that Facebook and Google still dominate the peak, but Vungle’s high quality and high performance have landed us on a premium tier. Because we have strong relationships with clients who know what their gamers want, Vungle can deliver our industry-leading creatives for engaging, uninterrupted in-game experiences.

Vungle ranks high worldwide for ROI, but here are some areas where we shine

Singular ROI Index Regional Ranking
style=”font-size:10px”>Source: Singular ROI Index 2019

Vungle Android in the Americas and Vungle iOS in APAC are where we’re outperformed only by Google and Facebook.

Vungle’s a great bet for user retention

Singular ROI Index 2019 Top Retention
Source: Singular ROI Index 2019

ROI alone doesn’t cut it. The real proving ground for a business’s strength is user retention — how many users actually stick around and engage with the app long after the install. ROI and retention exist symbiotically. We appear behind only Facebook and Google in Android retention, and we’re still in the top four best ad networks for iOS retention.

We have amazing relationships with our clients around the world, and together we’ve overcome global market and mobile industry challenges to consistently deliver top-tier performance.

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Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

Sr. Content Marketing Manager