Jun 26th 2019

Vungle Ranked One of the Top Monetization Platforms in the U.S.

Back in May, Vungle proved its value to mobile advertisers by ranking #1 in paid Android D7 LTV, surpassing Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and AppLovin. This week, Soomla’s new Monetization Benchmarks report demonstrates how powerful Vungle can be for mobile publishers as well.

Soomla looked at the three-month activity of over 100 million users across eight countries — totaling over two billion impressions — to sample first-impression eCPMs and determine which of the world’s top mobile marketing networks offered the strongest monetization.

We’re one of the top U.S. monetization platforms for interstitials

Vungle is one of the top monetization platforms in the U.S.

When weighing first-impression eCPMs against volume for interstitial ads in the U.S., Vungle joins Facebook, Google, and AppLovin as one of the networks with the best payout.

We share the lead with Google AdMob on share of voice

Vungle and AdMob have the largest shares of voice for U.S. video and interstitial

Share of voice is the percentage of impressions each ad network displays of the total. When it comes to all video and interstitial impressions in the U.S., Vungle and AdMob hold the largest chunks of the pie, meaning we give publishers access to one of the largest audience pools. Soomla also explicitly calls out Vungle’s continuous growth in this area.

We excel in first-impression eCPM for U.S. rewarded video

Vungle has high first-impression eCPM for U.S. rewarded video

Vungle shares the limelight with Facebook when comparing impression volume to competitive eCPM for stateside rewarded. Clearly, Vungle’s popular rewarded formats drive higher eCPMs and more revenue for publishers.

Read the full report here.

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Amir Friedlander

Sr. Content Marketing Manager