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Mar 14th 2019

Vungle CEO Rick Tallman Explains Why We Rebranded

From the desk of Vungle CEO Rick Tallman

Rick Tallman, Vungle CEOAd tech is an ecosystem whose vast, thriving network of innovative players has inspired a creative revolution in digital advertising. But much of the branding you see in the mobile world fails to reflect the people and creativity behind the scenes. Tech giants and indie players alike try to deliver a polished big brand, but very few divert from the same corporate experience — slate grays and generic blues, with little human expression. We call this the “sea of sameness,” where visual representations of a brand don’t do justice to its true personality. At Vungle, we realized that people knew our name, but they didn’t know who we really are. Our visual identity failed to capture our character.

Vungle: Powered by creativity. Driven by performance.

To truly convey how dynamic our vision is, how vibrant we are, and how our creative innovation makes us a cut above the rest, we identified an idea that represents everything we do. We call this Powered by Creativity. Driven by Performance. It’s a symbiotic reflection of what we are best known for in the industry, and an expression of our unique personality.

Today I’m excited to share our new direction and the new Vungle.

What did we change?

We started with redefining our company vision and mission statements, our principles, and our promise to our partners. We used this as the foundation to build our brand upon.

Our vision

Vungle is the trusted guide for growth and engagement. Whether your apps are large or small, we want to be a network for all advertisers and publishers, working side-by-side to help them meet their unique needs and goals. We like to win — together.

Our mission

Vungle transforms how people discover and experience apps. We accomplish this with our promise of better performance through better creativity. We develop data-driven tools for buying and UX recommendations, ad format innovation, creative automation, and more.

Our identity

The most recognizable component to any brand is, of course, its logo — the symbol that represents a company’s people, culture, and global presence. Vungle’s new logo is much more than that; it’s an expression of our promise to our clients — on one side, creativity is part of everything we do; on the other side, solid and constant performance emerges as a result. The Vungle V has many colorful variations in the wild to represent the flexibility, creativity, and prevalence of our work.

Vungle V expressions
The Vungle V represents our promise — “Powered by Creativity. Driven by Performance.”

Our platform

The Vungle self-serve platform now comes in diverse and playful colors — but the changes go much deeper than a new paint job. Not only did we change the way data is visualized on your screen, but we added functionality that lets you analyze and filter your data in more detail. Combined with Vungle’s data-driven recommendations, our platform doesn’t just report — it guides. We hope to empower our customers with this toolkit for mobile success.


We want to give our publishers the monetization engine they deserve, so we overhauled our SDK for more speed, more stability, and now — with optimized caching and new creative formats — even more opportunities for in-app mobile success. We also created a new user-friendly workflow to guide you through SDK integration and placement setup.

What didn’t change?

From the start, our team has been a talented, fun, and determined bunch who stay committed to our partners. Our passion to redefine the boundaries of in-app advertising and our dedication of our partners are what keep us going — and what inspired this rebrand. That will never change.

Join us on our journey

Nowadays, publishing apps is easier than ever. But engaging people through apps is a mix of art and science. Vungle wants to guide our partners in in-app engagement and performance, so it’s important our brand reflects the energy and focus we’re bringing.

Our formula is simple — we put creativity in, you get performance out. As a result, more of your users are engaged, you grow, and together we boldly cross that sea of sameness, empowering your in-app success.

Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

Sr. Content Marketing Manager