Oct 15th 2019

Valuable App Monetization Tips from PG Connects Helsinki

Our Vungle team recently joined other mobile gaming ad tech experts and exchanged insights at PG Connects Helsinki. Here are some great monetization takeaways:

  • Dare to share data. 90% of Vungle’s top-performing publishers automate data sharing to give Vungle more transparency. This enables us to fill publisher impressions with higher CPMs.
  • Be picky about placements. More is not always better, and placement fragmentation can strain account managers’ resources. Publishers have seen as high as an 8% revenue increase after performing a stringent placement audit.
  • Win over users with rewarded ads. Rewarded ads are generally embraced. Reducing rewarded ads is frequently interpreted as “taking away my free stuff,” which can negatively impact gamer satisfaction and your app reviews.
  • Don’t be overzealous with your CPM floor. Setting a floor too high will negatively impact fill rates. Hybrid monetization — switching between flat and dynamic CPMs — maintains a healthy balance between fill rates and revenue.
  • Move quickly. Speed of execution is key, especially in the hypercasual genre. If you don’t make your move soon, someone else will make theirs.
  • Understand your own game. Test the specifics of how your game attracts users, retains them, and monetizes. This helps you develop clear goals and recognize success when it arrives.

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Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

Sr. Content Marketing Manager