Sep 12th 2019

SDK 6.4 Available for iOS, Android & Windows — iOS 13 supported!

Don’t get left behind! Vungle SDK 6.4 is a must-have upgrade, supporting iOS 13 for the best-possible user experience that converts.

Download SDK

Here are some of the changes we made to help you grow your revenue:

iOS 13 supported

iOS 13 & XCode 11 Support

We’ve optimized the SDK for the latest and greatest from Apple, including the removal of the now-deprecated UIWebView. SDK 6.4 also removes a major app store friction point, delivering stronger app store conversion experiences.

Cache optimization

Cache Optimization

More high-quality Vungle creatives are available faster, increasing your fill without sacrificing performance. Our beta partners saw up to a 15% increase in impressions over a two-week period.

New MREC ad format

New MREC Format

This powerful industry standard now includes Vungle’s engaging video for higher eCPMs. Increase conversion without interrupting user experience!

Less work for developers

Less Work for Devs

Vungle’s lightweight SDK just got even lighter with fewer dependencies. Core location frameworks are no longer required on any platform.

Download the SDK and start monetizing now!

Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

Sr. Content Marketing Manager