Jul 11th 2019

New Vungle SDK Gets More Impressions & Higher eCPMs

Our new SDK 6.4 is here and we’re incredibly excited! After listening to our beta partners and battle-testing the Vungle SDK from every possible angle, we can now give you an even more powerful monetization engine.

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What’s new in this SDK

Cache Optimization

The new Vungle SDK 6.4 gives you more opportunities to show ads. We’ve rolled out new Cache Optimization to make sure your app always has a Vungle impression ready to be filled. In fact, our beta partners saw up to a 15% increase in impressions over a two-week period, giving them a significant bump in opportunities to convert users and earn revenue.

MREC video

Increase conversion with a powerful, nonintrusive ad format. We’ve taken the industry-favorite 300 × 250 MREC (medium rectangle) ad and given it the Vungle video touch to engage users without interrupting their experience. These MREC video ad units are perfect for in-feed or post-level placements — or anywhere you can fit them! With AdMob and MoPub support, MREC also unlocks a larger network of premium advertisers.

Less work for developers

Vungle’s lightweight SDK just got even lighter. We work hard on our SDKs so developers like you don’t have to. The Vungle SDK 6.4 now has fewer dependencies and method counts, and core location frameworks are no longer required.

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