Apr 7th 2020

Mobile App Monetization and UA Strategies to Overcome Market Volatility

Supply-side experts from Vungle and Singular recently teamed up to deliver an illuminating webinar to Korean mobile marketers who are concerned about maintaining revenue during these challenging times. Michael Yoon, Vungle’s Account Executive of Supply in Korea, joined Rachel Seo, Singular’s Sales Manager for Korea to bring you the latest insights.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Ad monetization is a viable solution for marketers with limited UA budgets. As ad revenue becomes reinvested back into a UA budget, developers can take advantage of this “virtuous cycle” to optimize their monetization strategies even more.
  • Our favorite APAC ad placement of 2020 (so far) is a combination of push notification and rewarded ad, which combine nicely to capture revenue and ensure higher retention.
  • The best time to start monetizing your app is in its early days. This lets you optimize your app around a monetization strategy instead of retroactively jamming placements into the user experience. Once your daily active users (DAU) surpasses 10K, we recommend you integrate at least three ad networks to create a healthy ad pool.
  • To lower CPI costs, advertisers need to leverage a strategy that favors creative efficiency. Conversion increases when creatives are pulled quickly from templates and can adapt faster to placement settings.
  • Playable ads and seasonal ads are still engagement favorites that both monetizers and advertisers should embrace.
Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

Sr. Content Marketing Manager