May 7th 2021

Meet Mian and the Platform Engineering Department

Name: Mian
Title: Director of Engineering, Platform
Department: Engineering

Introducing the Platform Engineering department

The Platform Engineering team builds, optimizes, and maintains the Vungle systems that handle billions of impressions. Our goal is to build low-latency, high-throughput systems to handle the strict requirements of ad serving. Distributed, scalable, low latency, high throughput, high concurrency are all buzzwords that are associated with the Platform team.

Why is the Platform team vital to Vungle?

The Platform team is vital in making sure our system works optimally, responding to each ad request in sub-seconds, ensuring end users are discovering and engaging with mobile apps they love.

What are some initiatives the Platform team is working on right now?

We are currently working on optimizing our entire platform to be able to handle higher QPS (queries per second) and lower latency requirements.

What makes someone successful on this team?

  • Out-of-the-box thinking: Able to look at problems holistically and work with others to investigate, diagnose, and solve them.
  • Pattern recognition: Able to look at metric charts, flame graphs, and recognize problematic symptoms.
  • Detail-oriented: Able to call out any and all possible components and teams that will be affected by a project.
  • Team player: Learn from others what you don’t know, and teach others what you do know.
  • Good cover story: Discipline in writing unit test for complete use case coverage instead of just line coverage.
  • Green coding: Environmentally conscious, always optimizing your code for both space and time complexity, reducing contribution to carbon emission.

Can you share a fun fact about the team?

The Platform team consisted of individuals from different walks of life, spread across three continents and three time zones, and is effectively able to follow the sun. We love learning together and challenging each other, improving our skills and building better systems, while enjoying delicious food together.

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