Apr 16th 2021

Life of a Senior Software Engineer (Platform) With Ying

Name: Ying
Title: Senior Software Engineer
Department: Supply Side Platform Team

Tell us what you do here at Vungle, and what your typical day is like.

I start off my day by reviewing emails and ticket updates. I resolve the ones that can be done in a short time and add the others to my to-do list. I participate in daily standups in the morning. After that, I dive into my coding world. Besides that, I enjoy discussing technical solutions with my colleagues, which is inspiring. Sometimes, I also do triage on online issues.

What was unexpected about working at Vungle?

The engineers here are so open-minded. I used to work in a very big company where the technologies are kind of old-fashioned. But here, people are willing to learn new technologies, and use it in the projects if it benefits the project.

What makes your work meaningful?

Our platform is the framework that connects all parts of the ad serving system in Vungle. I’m so glad that I can be part of it—to make the platform and our system more and more stable and strong.

What’s your favorite memory about working here?

Although I joined Vungle only two years ago, I already have so many good memories. I remember the days the team worked together to resolve tough issues. I remember the happiness we had during outings and global summits. I also remember the days I got the prize for the personal and team award.

What would you tell people who are considering joining Vungle?

Vungle is a growing company. As an engineer, one can enjoy openness and flexibility here. Any new ideas are welcomed. It’s really a good place for growth.

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