Sep 3rd 2021

Life of a QA Automation Engineer With Qamar

Name: Qamar
Title: Senior QA Automation Engineer
Department: Engineering

Tell us what you do here at Vungle, and what your typical day is like.

I meet with my team to have a short stand-up. I give status updates on my work and listen to others’ updates. I raise blockers to my progress if any. After stand-up, I help anyone that needs my immediate feedback. For example, a developer asking how a feature should work in some edge case or a product owner needing to understand how other parts of the product/system work.

I mainly focus on new features getting added, writing test cases, and reviewing them with the team. I also execute the test cases, reporting on any issues found. And I create automated tests for new features, create pull requests with new changes, and request peer reviews.

I meet with developers to discuss test strategies for new features, list down tests to do (like functional, usability, performance), and new automated tests to cover. Once per sprint, I have a planning meeting and retrospective. I also test features to find new issues, explain them to developers, and think about integration tests to automate.

What was unexpected about working at Vungle?

Being a quick learner and having a want-to-learn attitude. Here at Vungle, I learned that the ability to learn quickly ensures that I’ll keep up with the demands of my team. Here, I’m able to apply my experience and knowledge and have opportunities to learn, develop, and progress my career in the organization.

What makes your work meaningful?

By testing the software, finding and tracking the bugs, and also through suggestions of improvement ideas, I’m contributing toward the betterment of the product. It’s nothing but the satisfaction of achieving quality, perfection, neatness, etc.

It’s such a rewarding experience to be involved in a project at its early stages and see it through to completion and release.

I gain the most satisfaction at work when I’m challenged, have the opportunity to learn, and develop and meet the organization’s goals.

What’s your favorite memory about working here so far?

My favorite work memory was when I did a presentation of the Selenium web automation framework here at Vungle. I have stage anxiety or am just fearful of speaking in front of a huge crowd, but I owned up to it and did it. It was an awesome experience and now I can’t wait to do more.

What would you tell people who are considering joining Vungle?

At Vungle, we have brilliant tech minds and great personalities. Here, you will always feel accepted and welcomed for who you are as we work and grow together. After all, no job would ever be done without great people around.

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