Jun 15th 2020

Introducing Vungle’s SDK 6.7

Our industry’s fast evolving landscape requires Publishers to continually enhance their monetization strategy but with new regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), it can often be challenging to keep up with these changes. In addition, Publishers are also challenged to continually enhance their monetization capabilities to ensure they are getting the most out of their inventory.

With Vungle’s SDK 6.7, we address these new regulatory requirements, and deliver improved ways for Publishers to monetize their inventory in the following ways::

California Consumer Privacy Act Support

SDK 6.7 is one of the critical steps Vungle is taking to support the standards and controls outlined in the CCPA. More specifically, Vungle now supports an event-level opt-out flag for end users to meet  CCPA compliance. Publishers can identify any users that are  opted out under CCPA by setting this new flag in ad requests for the user’s device ID. Vungle will limit personal data use and will pass the flag value downstream to ensure end-to-end compliance with CCPA regulations. Vungle is also processing user access and delete requests. By adopting CCPA Opt Out in SDK 6.7, Publishers can know that they are in compliance with these new rules and regulations. 

Multiple Banners 

Vungle’s Banner capabilities have been enhanced to allow Publishers to display multiple banners on the screen. For example, Publishers often simultaneously render more than one banner ad in an in-feed page  and this is now supported by Vungle. This allows Publishers more ways to monetize their inventory and attract Premium Buyers.

You can now upgrade to this latest version of Vungle’s SDK 6.7 today.


Tony Ouk

Tony Ouk

Director of Product Marketing