Dec 3rd 2019

G-STAR Demonstrated Korea’s Growing Curiosity in Overseas Monetization

For Korean gaming companies, G-STAR is more than a global conference held in Busan — it’s a meaningful opportunity to reflect and plan for the future ahead. Vungle’s goal at this year’s G-STAR was to inspire game developers for 2020 with insights from Vungle’s global ad network shared in the form of a monetization seminar.

More and more Korean game developers are building out their monetization strategies — and diversifying to other countries. This has been mostly done through a trial-and-error approach in the absence of a trusted guide. Singular and Vungle partnered to host a special seminar on monetization that included strategies, best practices by game genre and DAU (daily active users), and ways to measure success.

Some useful points shared in the seminar included:

  • If your app has less than 10,000 DAUs, integrating your SDKs one after the other is relatively manageable and provides solid performance. Once you reach the 10K threshold, though, the next step would be to set up a mediation waterfall for higher eCPM and earnings.
  • Sharing DAU and waterfall priority settings with your ad network gives both sides more insight to make better recommendations or platform enhancements. Talk to your account manager more often (if you have one).
  • Games should be designed with a monetization strategy in mind from the onset. This inevitably leads to more thoughtful user experience, and developers can avoid wasting resources retrofitting their game for new placements later on.

Vungle and Singular co-host monetization seminar
Korean game developers learn advanced monetization strategies at Vungle’s and Singular’s G-STAR seminar.

Vungle also hosted a booth at G-STAR’s BTB zone. Many Korean vendors stopped by for consultation on their monetization strategy at a global scale — expressing particular interest in North America and Europe. Many visitors from outside Korea expressed great interest in how to enter the Korean market with better creatives and campaign optimization.

Vungle's booth at G-STAR 2019
Vungle’s booth at G-STAR drew both domestic and international publishers.

The seafood pocha party co-hosted by Vungle and Adjust was a success — thank you to all our industry colleagues for attending. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Vungle and Adjust party during G-STAR 2019
Vungle and Adjust co-host a seafood pocha party during G-STAR.

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Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

Sr. Content Marketing Manager