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Aug 9th 2021

Forever Vunglers: Hear From Our Alumni Mary

Name: Mary W.
Department: Engineering
Title: Director of Technical Program Management

How long did you work at Vungle?

Four and a half years.

Why did you decide to leave?

I spent many years managing and decided to go back to an individual role for a bit. I also decided to move into a role that just concentrated at the very high program level that manages both the tech and product areas.

What impact did working at Vungle have on your career?

Vungle helped me learn new areas and expand my experience. As a startup, I got to work on a very wide variety of programs and it helped me learn. I loved working with international offices, international peers, and visiting them was always a fun way to build relationships by experiencing their culture (and food)!

What’s your favorite memory about working here?

I loved moving into the new offices at Levi’s Plaza. The offices are amazing. It made my commute much better, and the views were breathtaking.

What would you tell people who are considering joining Vungle?

If you want to be part of a company that is going to go far in their field, go to Vungle. They are the best at what they do and they are set up for success.

Vungle Marketing

Vungle Marketing