Feb 4th 2021

Announcing Our New Advertiser Management API

We recently chatted with Rina Matsumoto, Senior Product Manager at Vungle, on some of the innovations that she’s working on for the Vungle platform.

Tony Ouk, Director of Product Marketing: Can you share with us some of the new product features you’re working on?

Rina: Vungle released the Advertiser Management API that allows advertisers to directly make updates and receive insights to their campaigns without having to access our dashboard.

Tony: This new capability sounds really innovative. What were the reasons for Vungle to create this?

Rina: Advertisers are increasingly asking for more capabilities for their campaigns without having to log into our dashboard. This would enhance their workflow and offer them more ability to integrate smoothly with their other systems. This can plug the API into their own BI system or third-party systems to manage campaigns across not just Vungle, but all the advertising channels they work with. The industry is moving toward automation and AI-driven bidding systems. At Vungle, we want to support this transition.

Tony: What are the key benefits you see with this new API?

Rina: With this release, we’re providing a set of APIs that allows for three key benefits for campaign management: control, efficiency, and insights.

Tony: Is this product for all advertisers working with Vungle?

Rina: This API will be particularly interesting for those advertisers that are looking to take better control of their bidding and targeting in a more automated fashion. If an advertiser answers “yes” to one of these questions, the API may be for them:

  • Does the advertiser have a homegrown BI system that makes bid recommendations that they implement directly?
  • Does the advertiser have a centralized system where they manage all of their ad network campaigns in one place?
  • Is the advertiser partnering with a third-party company that specializes in automating bid recommendations?


Tony: I know there was a lot of work done for this API. What most excites you about it?

Rina: What is particularly exciting about this is that the systems that plug into the API, whether third-party or client-built, they can be algorithmic BI systems. This means that it can be much smarter in terms of optimization and can automate optimization for long-tail geographies and publishers that humans may not have time for.

Tony: What are the main features of this API?

Rina: There are three main ways an advertiser can make updates to their campaigns to have better control of their campaigns as well as gain operational efficiencies:

  • Bidding API: Allows advertisers to manage campaign multi-bids for specific publishers and/or countries. Each request will either update, insert, or delete multi-bids for a campaign.
  • Budget API: Allows advertisers to update the campaign default bid, daily budget, and total budget.
  • Targeting API: Allows advertisers to edit their targeting settings, such as publisher app targeting or OS-level targeting.


Tony: You also mentioned insights. What better insights do we have for advertisers?

Rina: For better insights on what advertisers are running with us, we have the following 2 APIs:

  • Campaign List API: Allows advertisers to get a list of all of their active or inactive campaigns.
  • Campaign Details API: Allows advertisers to get all campaign settings for a single campaign.


Tony: How does an advertiser get started with the Advertiser Management API?

Rina: To get started, advertisers can reach out to their account manager or send a message to tech-support@vungle.com.

Tony Ouk

Tony Ouk

Director of Product Marketing