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Zombie Catchers Increases User Session Length by 25% with Opt-in Video Ad Placement

These type of ads are something that benefits the player and the developer, especially since the ad is used with an incentive. It actually improves the game experience since it is seen as a cool feature.

— Matti Kallonen, Two Men and a Dog Co-Founder

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Traffic Racer Boosts Ad Revenue by 200% with Vungle

I don’t push videos in front of players without their consent. I just show a button and give them the choice. In fact, some players are so eager for cash that they get upset when there are no videos available.

— Soner Kara, Owner, SKGames

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Zipline Games Doubles Revenue from Vungle with Opt-in Video Ad Placement

Vungle's opt-in placement in Slots Tycoon blew the lid off revenue for us! We've more than doubled revenue, while displaying video ads that players actually enjoyed watching

— Patrick Meehan CEO, Zipline Games

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Pic Stitch: The Picture of Ad-Driven Success

I was looking to reduce the number of ads in Pic Stitch without taking a revenue hit. Vungle provided good insight and the creative fuel to find the best placement possible, increasing the quality of the user experience and boosting revenue from the app.

— Alex Keim, Founder, Big Blue Clip, LLC

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MinoMonsters Partner with Vungle to Drive Installs Worldwide

Expanding to regions like the Middle East, North Africa, and Latin America proved essential to MinoMonsters’ success. Working with Vungle, we witnessed an incredible volume of installs and, better yet, connected with global players that continue to deliver an impressive ROI.

— Josh Buckley, CEO, MinoMonsters, Inc.

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Moving the Ball for Sphero

If I look at the different marketing campaigns we have tried, the Vungle ads have generated longer visits than any of them.

— Chuck Lepley, Director of Marketing, Orbotix

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