Vungle is the leading source for high-value mobile users.

The industry’s most sophisticated buyers rely on us

It’s no longer enough to just acquire installs. The most savvy UA managers are constantly optimizing their campaigns to reach the highest-value installs—users who are most likely to engage with their brands. Vungle has built a reputation of delivering these users.

What we deliver to advertisers

  • High-value users

    High-value users

    Target high-value users with our proprietary LTV optimization technology.

  • Complete transparency

    Complete transparency

    Get transparent user acquisition reporting with our third-party UA data integrations.

  • Global reach

    Global reach

    Reach unique users globally with our first-party supply in the world's top apps.

Trivia Crack doubled conversion rates with interactive end cards

Trivia Crack ran a two-week campaign with Vungle. The Vungle Creative Labs team A/B-tested interactive end cards and video lengths to optimize conversions. 

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112 % Increased conversion for 30-sec videos
33 % Increased conversion for 15-sec videos

More control, higher value

  • Relevant audiences

    Relevant audiences

    Show ads to target users with Vungle’s proprietary ad-serving algorithms.

  • Targeting options

    Targeting options

    Target by device type, settings, app, language, country, city and much more.

  • Choice of ad formats

    Choice of ad formats

    Control your ad experience with length, resolution and video format settings.

We’ll help you get started

We’ll help you get started

If you don’t already have your own ad creatives, our award-winning, in-house creative team can help! We’ll work with you to deliver the highest-performing ads.

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