Независимо от того, являетесь ли вы рекламодателем или издателем, мы поможем вам добиться ваших бизнес-целей.


Наши рекламодатели охватывают более представительные аудитории и привлекают более перспективных пользователей. Наши разработчики/издатели получают больше дохода с помощью рекламы, улучшающей взаимодействие с пользователями. Вот несколько историй успеха наших клиентов.

Pic Stitch increased revenue by 3x with nearly 800% increase in conversions

Pic Stitch worked with Vungle to optimize the ad placement and reward users for their time. Pic Stitch wanted ads that enhance the user experience rather than detract from it. Continue Reading…

3 x Increased revenue
759 % Increased conversion

Sony partners with Vungle and lands #1 box-office debut in Japan

Sony Pictures sought to launch a campaign to bring moviegoers into the theater. Through Vungle, Sony placed ads to engage viewers in top mobile apps.

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1.4 m impressions
700 k completed views
10 x more views vs. Youtube

Trivia Crack doubled conversion rates with interactive end cards

Trivia Crack ran a two-week campaign with Vungle. The Vungle Creative Labs team A/B-tested interactive end cards and video lengths to optimize conversions. 

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112 % Increased conversion for 30-sec videos
33 % Increased conversion for 15-sec videos

Magic Jigsaw’s ads produced 50% higher ROI and more engaged users

XIMAD accessed Vungle’s Private Marketplace, putting Magic Jigsaw Puzzles in front of millions of users in the world’s most popular apps.

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50 % increased engagement
5 x more installs driven
30 % Ximad's total revenue