Founded in 2010, Zipline Games is behind popular titles including Wolf Toss and Slots Tycoon. When the studio sought to increase revenue from Slots Tycoon, they turned to Vungle for a fresh, lucrative placement.

Today, the majority of Slots Tycoon’s revenue comes from Vungle video ads, thanks to a new opt-in placement that monetizes users and keeps players engaged.

The Challenge

What started as a side project for Zipline Games, quickly spiraled into a full-fledged catchy slots game. While casino game enthusiasts loved the vibrant graphics and simplicity of Slots Tycoon, the studio struggled to generate revenue from IAPs and an ineffective video ad placement in the storefront.

The Solution

With the storefront placement reaching a meager 6% of players, Vungle recommended a new, opt-in placement to monetize the app’s vast user base. Working with Vungle, Zipline Games integrated a “free spin” button on the diner slot machine that allows players to opt-in and watch a high-quality, 15-second video ad in exchange for free cash.

Patrick Meehan, CEO of Zipline Games, says, “It was a cinch to create a new Vungle video placement. The Vungle SDK was extremely simple to integrate from the start – so we were happy to work with the team on a promising new placement.”


The Results

The opt-in interstitial placement was a goldmine for Zipline Games – boosting revenue by a whopping 228%, and increasing eCPM by 112%. The eCPM – in large part – remained high as Meehan encouraged other slot games to advertise in Slots Tycoon.

Meehan says, “We find that slots games convert extremely well in Slots Tycoon, so we don’t mind advertising competitors within our game. Players who love casino games are going to download them with or without our help — the opt-in placement in Slots Tycoon helps these players discover new content and monetizes users that don’t purchase in-game currency.”

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