When used correctly, in-app ads are not only an essential source of revenue for developers, they can also complement the app experience for users. The challenge lies in integrating ads in a way that enhances the experience rather than detracts from it. When the one-man shop behind Pic Stitch – a Top 10 photo app – encountered this challenge, Vungle was poised to help. By creating a unique ad placement, the developer delighted users, increased the completion rate and tripled eCPM.

The Challenge

Pic Stitch developer Alex Keim long relied on in-app ads to earn revenue from his wildly popular photo collage app. Keim was interested in increasing revenue, while maintaining a superb user experience for app fans.

The Solution

Keim worked with Vungle to optimize the ad placement and reward users for their time. To accomplish this, Keim gave users an opportunity to acquire a new daily collage layout – worth $0.99 a bundle – at no charge if they opted to watch a Vungle video ad.


The Results

The change in user behavior and ad revenue was dramatic. Users were opting in, eager to watch the short, snappy video ads. Now, the 15 seconds of time invested was rewarded with a free and coveted photo layout. Thanks to this creative placement, the app now boasts fewer ads, exponentially more completed ad views, and a 200% increase in revenue.

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