Launched in 2011, MinoMonsters skyrocketed through App Store charts as the #1 Adventure game and Top 50 grossing app in the US. Millions of players rushed to download the game to create a dream team of adorable monsters to lead into battle. After captivating players in the US, Josh Buckley, CEO of MinoMonsters, Inc., sought to reach an international audience. Partnering with Vungle, MinoMonsters reached millions of high quality users and attained a 6x increase in installs worldwide.

The Challenge

While MinoMonsters was a hit in the US, Josh Buckley, CEO of MinoMonsters, Inc., knew it was time to grow his game internationally to continue the game’s momentum. As the US market flooded with more apps, there were millions of untapped players abroad that were ready to embrace MinoMonsters’ quirky characters and addictive gameplay – they just needed an opportunity.

In the quest for global expansion, Buckley looked to acquire new users at scale, based on the expected ROI for players in each region.


The Solution

Buckley partnered with Vungle in the early years of his game, relying on the in-app mobile video platform for both exceptional results and customer service. Vungle’s short, snappy video ads and advanced targeting capabilities enabled Buckley to reach the right audiences in order to gain more players.

Buckley worked with Vungle to build a performance-based campaign in order to capitalize on users outside of the traditionally popular geos: the US, Australia and Canada.

The Results

Capturing the attention of the right audiences in Western Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Latin America (LATAM), Buckley witnessed an impressive ROI. By calculating ROI based on in-app purchases (IAP), he noticed that players in specific regions were more apt to purchase MinoCredits for exclusive in-game content.

In Western Europe and LATAM, MinoMonsters enjoyed a large volume of in-app inventory in a less crowded space. In France and Norway specifically, MinoMonsters attracted users with an average 35% higher ROI when compared to US users – while in Argentina, Belgium and Brazil, the game attracted users with an average 70% higher ROI. In MENA, MinoMonsters saw ROI on par with that of the US, while driving 2.5x the number of installs.

Armed with a new set of global players, Buckley was able to successfully drive MinoMonsters’ momentum as a top-ranking, highly profitable game.

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