Jul 30th 2020

Vungle Sales Head Discusses the State of Mobile ROI

Recently, our Head of Sales for Americas, Abraham, had the pleasure of joining experts from ironSource and Tapjoy on Singular’s ROI Index Webinar, which delved into how top mobile networks help their advertisers grow.

Here are some of Abraham’s key points from the webinar.

  • To combat waterfall volatility and secure more advantageous positions in the waterfall, advertisers must understand their users’ worth much earlier in the funnel.
  • Historically, advertisers used D7 data to determine the value of their users; however, the current trend is to look at how D0 trends toward D7. This offers a more holistic view that advertisers can measure performance against.
  • To measure engagement of playables, marketers should look not only at standard completion rates but also D1 metrics like playable session length, whether the user completed the playable’s tutorial, and whether the user progressed to the playable’s next level.
  • Looking for non-gaming inventory? Non-gaming publishers are exploding on Vungle’s network, making up 15% of our revenue — up from only 1% last year!

Check out more of what Abraham and other experts said. See the full webinar here:


Amir Friedlander

Amir Friedlander

Sr. Content Marketing Manager