Dynamic Templates

Better experience for users. Better results for you.


Dynamic Templates

Enhance the ad experience

Dynamic Templates drive performance and enhance the ad experience by giving advertisers a range of new templates in which their creative can be used. Each new template is responsive, so ads always looks great—regardless of OS, device or screen orientation. And, because a single creative can be used across many templates, Vungle can maximize installs and optimize spend by changing templates in real-time based on performance, which simultaneously boosts revenue for the publishers.

Dynamic Interstitial

A mix of a static interstitial and a video ad. Features short, looping video and lower potential payloads than a standard video ad.

Square Interstitial

A mix of a static interstitial and a square video ad. Features short, looping video and lower potential payloads than a standard video ad.


A looping video ad that displays a near-constant CTA and repeats until a user takes action. Designed for interstitial placements.


New and unique end card design that features slightly lower payloads by requiring only one background image.


A partial screen video ad that is presented in front of a publisher’s content. It features a translucent border of the underlying content.


A standard video ad paired with an interactive end card that consists of a number of screens that a user can scroll through.

Square Overlay

Exclusive Vungle format. Square video ad presented in front of a publisher’s content. Designed for interstitial placements.


Video that enables users to expand a miniature end card with CTA during the ad experience. Designed for interstitial placements.


Video paired with an expandable information pane with multiple promotional modules. Designed for interstitial placements.


Video ad experience with promotional modules that slide up and overlay on the publisher’s app. Designed for interstitial placements.


Template using animated full-screen imagery to showcase a specific app, product or brand.


Responsive boxes, including a video section, that automatically fit within the dimensions of a device. Designed for interstitial placements.


Ad experience that includes multiple interactive promotional modules alongside a video ad. Designed for interstitial placements.


An engaging template that lets users control their ad experience.


Template that enables users to swipe through multiple promotional modules while a video ad plays. Designed for interstitial placements.



Reduced ad fatigue

Delight users and combat ad fatigue by getting access to new ad templates as soon as they’re released.

Flexible optimization

Optimize performance by testing multiple templates and using data science to predict which will perform best.

Better user experience

Deliver the best experience by automatically aligning your creative to the app, device and OS it’s displayed on.



Fewer SDK updates

Get immediate access to new ad templates as they’re released—no ongoing SDK updates required.

More revenue

Faster creative optimization boosts eCPMs. New templates open up more monetization opportunities.

Better user experience

Responsive templates align ads with your app experience and a user’s device.

How it works

Flexible creative

Dynamic Templates allows an advertiser’s creative to be used across multiple templates. It also allows publishers to serve new templates as soon as they’re released without needing to update their SDK.



Data-driven predictions

Data science is applied to predict which template will perform best based on a combination of user and device characteristics, response rate and multiple other variables.





Optimized results

The top performing template is scaled to optimize results for advertisers, thereby earning publishers the highest eCPM for their inventory.

“Vungle's new Dynamic Templates are more than just a product enhancement, they solidify Vungle as one of the most innovative video ad tech companies.”

Sumee Oh, Director of Marketing, Jam City (formerly SGN)

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