Aug 19th 2020

Why You Should Enter Vungle + Glug’s ‘Forward to Normal’ Creative Design Competition

The pandemic has changed the world as we know it and now our outlook on life must change with it. When people talk about the future, it’s mostly in the context of the things we all need to “go back to” – back to normalcy, back to work, back to school. Inevitably a level of normality will – and is – returning, and this is an important moment to ask: Should we really go back to just the way things were? Is this not an opportunity to do things differently? To create – to imagine – a more positive and safer version of the future while we have this chance?

It is in this spirit that we’re pleased to announce that Vungle has partnered with Glug to host a creative design competition called ‘Forward to Normal’ throughout August and September which is calling on creatives to share their visions for a safer, more positive future ahead. ‘Forward to Normal’ is a chance to view the world as a blank canvas and re-imagine all things ‘normal’, from where and how we work to how to connect with our loved ones in meaningful ways, as well as how to best tackle and solve community issues and, even, enjoy ourselves on the weekends. 

Vungle and Glug share an ethos that creativity can help change the world, one great creative idea at a time. Simple, graphic communications are incredibly effective in engaging people to think and act differently. So, we are asking people to submit their interactive storyboard ideas for three mini-briefs we are announcing over the coming weeks. Ideas that encourage people to stay safe and live better will be highly rewarded, as winners get their ideas turned into playable mobile ads by Vungle Creative Labs and delivered to the Vungle network where they have the potential to reach over a billion global users!

We are hoping ‘Forward to Normal’ will bring positivity into the lives of both creators and global audiences. We already know from our work with the UN/WHO Global Call Out to Creatives – an initiative seeking visual content to help fight Covid-19 through public health messages – that creative can be leveraged for good. Answering the call, Vungle created playable ads that amplified these messages to gamers worldwide, achieving over 36.7 million views so far. As we move forward with our lives, safety and wellbeing – both mental and physical – will be the lenses through which we view the world. So let’s start painting a better picture today!

Do you have a vision for what the ‘new normal’ should look like? We would love to see it! To learn more about the competition and enter your idea, visit

Bryta Schulz

Bryta Schulz

VP, Marketing