Vungle ranked one of the top-performing mobile media sources in Singular’s ROI Index

We think we do pretty good work, but it’s always great to hear it from our partners.  Which is why we’re proud to share that Vungle was named one of the top performing mobile media sources in the 2017 Singular ROI Index for the second year in a row.  The study analyzes actual advertiser ROI along with scale generated and percentage of fraud present on over more than 1,200 mobile media sources to identify the top-performing ad channels. Vungle is among the top five sources globally across all categories of apps on both Android and iOS – a reflection of our commitment to help marketers drive revenue without compromising on quality.

Advertisers depend on us to help them to scale their businesses profitably, and Vungle’s ranking in the top 5 of Singular’s ROI Index is a testament to our work,” said Jeremy Bondy, Vice President of Sales at Vungle. “For an independent company like Vungle to drive returns on par with giants like Facebook and Google is pretty incredible. It’s the result of our years of work developing our models and driving innovations like ROAS-based buying.”  

The Singular ROI Index ranks the top-performing ad channels driving the highest quality ROI for mobile marketers on iOS and Android. Measuring over $1 billion in revenue, 315 million installs, 1,700+ apps, and 1,200+ mobile media partners analyzed, the Singular ROI Index is the largest study of its kind in the mobile marketing industry.

To learn more down the 2017 Singular ROI Index click here.


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