Here’s What Happens When Mary Meeker Puts You In Her Report

Mary Meeker is known for making bold predictions that sometimes come true.

But she can also shine such a large spotlight on a relatively unknown company that it begins to debate whether or not to go public.

That seems to be the case for Vungle, a 6-year-old private ad tech company that’s mulling over an IPO after being featured on Slide No. 27 of 355 in Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends report, according to insiders with direct knowledge of the matter.

If you’re wondering what Vungle does, but aren’t sure, that’s O.K. — the company says it prefers to keep a low profile. That is, until the report. The ad tech company specializes in creating custom-tailored ads using brand first-party data to get consumers to download and install apps. Meeker used Vungle as an example of how dynamic ad creation can increase conversion rates. “We’re No. 1 for retention in this space,” said Zain Jaffer, co-founder and CEO of Vungle. “And that’s what caught Meeker’s attention.”

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