Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report: Mobile is driving digital advertising growth

Mary Meeker’s internet trends report has become an annual tradition for both Silicon Valley and the business world. Everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies rely on the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner’s presentation to understand how technology is evolving and the ways it’s being used personally and professionally. This year is no exception.

Meeker took an in-depth look at the digital advertising landscape and declared in no uncertain terms that growth here is being driven by mobile. Yet surprisingly, while mobile advertising spend has now surpassed desktop, it still isn’t enough to capture the channel’s full potential. Meeker estimates there is a $16 billion opportunity in mobile ad spend.

Image credit: Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report 2017

While this means that there’s still a lot of catching up to do, it’s also good news for advertisers looking to gain a stronger foothold in their respective industry by capitalizing on this gap.

Automated creative optimization is key to mobile advertising ROI

Image credit: Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report 2017

Meeker’s presentation shows that mobile advertising is more effective at generating consumer engagement than traditional digital advertising. However, not all mobile advertising is created equal.

Meeker featured Vungle because of our automated creative optimization technology

The data shows exactly what companies need to do to run the highest performing mobile ad campaigns that generate the best conversion rates.

A major reason advertisers are flocking to mobile is because performance can be measured. This makes understanding the ROI behind every dollar spent much easier. Because Vungle is a growth engine for performance marketers, we focus on helping businesses reach, acquire and engage their most valuable mobile consumers globally. We also help those same companies earn revenue through interactive ads that protect their brand’s mobile app experience.

But generating high conversion rates isn’t as simple as launching any mobile ad campaign. As Meeker’s report shows:

  • The best performing ones are those that can match the right interactive ad creative to the right audience.
  • But the reality is that many advertising platforms aren’t able to deliver on this point because the level of automated creative optimization needed is incredibly complex.
  • Effective mobile advertising campaigns requires a powerful machine learning platform capable of ingesting billions of data points and creative technology that can take advantage of that data to modify mobile ads automatically to fit viewer preferences.

This is no easy task, but when it’s put into action, the difference in performance is dramatic. Meeker included us in her report because we’re the first company to show that true automated creative optimization can make a huge difference to performance and generate uplift of hundreds of percent.

Dynamic Templates generates higher conversion

Creative variation is vital to driving the best mobile ad return.

With our Dynamic Templates technology, we’re able to create hundreds of thousand of creative combinations optimized based on data to dramatically increase conversions over time. In order to produce the level of uplift our customers see on our platform requires implementing many creative variations. Doing something like this manually over such a short period of time would never be scalable. But the Vungle platform was built for automation and scale.

Meeker’s report shows that ad formats directly impact conversion rates. It’s why for us, we’re proud she chose to feature Vungle to serve as an example of the distinct competitive advantage creative automation provides to companies looking become the next flagships of their respective industries and grow their audiences.

There’s still a lot of work to do, but as Meeker implies in her presentation, the mobile advertising platforms who are able to deliver true mobile performance marketing at scale will be the ones to shape the advertising landscape in the years to come. Interactive creative variations will be key to this, from scrollable carousels to 360 end cards, having a large base of creative combinations that can fit audience preferences is essential for effective mobile ad campaigns.

You can check out Mary Meeker’s full internet trends report below. And if you want to learn more about how you can start advertising and/or monetizing with Vungle, you can contact us here.


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