Why brand marketers are targeting today’s mobile gamer [Infographic]

The rise of the smartphone has changed the gamer demographic

Traditional advertising media like billboards, TV ads, newspapers, radio or banner ads are becoming less and less effective as consumer habits evolve. Nielsen Ratings has reported a decrease in traditional TV viewing among all age groups from teens to Millennials to Gen-Xers, and according to eMarketer, consumers are spending less time engaged in radio, print or on their desktops but more and more time on their mobile devices.

77% of Americans now own a smartphone, and recent data suggests that up to 85 percent time spent on those devices is in apps. The top three app categories for consumers (in terms of time spent) are social media, music and games, with games becoming an increasingly popular pastime that’s commanding more and more consumer attention.

Today’s mobile gamer is not who you might expect

While we may traditionally think of a “gamer” as a teenager playing Minecraft on his Xbox in his parent’s basement, the face of the gamer truly has changed. Children only make up about a quarter of the audience. Eighteen to 35-year-olds play the most mobile games out of all other age categories, and people 50 years and older are a substantial portion of the mobile gaming population as well.

Research indicates that the majority (54 percent) of consumers cited their phone as their favorite gaming platform, and 25 percent reported playing games on it every day. Additionally, consumers who spend money in apps are people earning $100,000 or more per year, more likely to be parents, and are more likely to be involved in purchasing decisions at their companies. This suggests a greater disposable income and gamers are putting some of that money toward in-app purchases. The immersive nature of mobile gaming is also interesting. Researchers found that when gamers are playing, they give their full attention.

An attractive audience for brand marketers

Unlike traditional TV audiences, which are decreasing in both number and attention span, mobile games are becoming more popular and captivating to diverse audiences with more disposable income. For brand marketers, mobile games present an unparalleled opportunity to engage with valuable consumer segments in enjoyable, non-intrusive ways that consumers love.

Not convinced?

Check out the infographic below for even more demographic data on today’s mobile gamer.

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