How to increase ad revenue without compromising retention and in-app purchases

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.30.17 AMVungle has seen countless app publishers successfully monetize their audience while maintaining healthy growth and retention rates. But, that’s not to say that the equation for integrating ads into your app experience isn’t delicate. Finding the right placements, ad cadence, ad formats and so on will be critical to delivering the desired customer experience.

DeNA, a leading Japanese app publisher and a strategic partner to Nintendo, managed to strike the right balance with its users by taking a strategic approach to the problem. It worked with Vungle to carefully evaluate a number of variables including engagement, historical monetary performance per title, in-app purchase (IAP) rates and, of course, retention.

Challenge: Increase ad monetization revenue without impacting in-app purchases

DeNA uses a combination of in-app purchases and in-app advertising to monetize its games. Therefore, DeNA’s continued success relies on maintaining a healthy balance between the two: maximizing purchases made by engaged users and supplementing direct IAP-based revenue with ad monetization. DeNA knew it could grow revenue in certain titles, but its priority was protecting its user’s experience.

Solution: Vungle ad monetization technology

The DeNA and Vungle teams worked closely together to develop a strategy that would seamlessly integrate rewarded video into their application to enhance the overall user experience. For example, to promote continued engagement, the DeNA team rewarded its users with three additional turns for watching video ads. After a few short months working with Vungle, DeNA was able to achieve more stable monetization revenue due to Vungle’s consistently high fill rates, strong eCPM and hands-on account management.

Additionally, DeNA was able to reduce operational costs. DeNA was able to monetize its apps on top of IAPs without spending a lot of time on maintenance because Vungle’s technology enabled automated revenue optimization, and Vungle’s in-depth revenue analysis helped DeNA track the status.

Finally, DeNA was able to drive profitability and maximize its eCPMs. Vungle enables its advertisers to track not only app installs but also gain a clear picture of each campaign’s return on ad spend (ROAS). DeNA benefitted greatly from this due to its highly engaged and valuable audience. By understanding what was working best for DeNA’s user base and selecting the ideal advertising partners, DeNA was able to maximize earnings for its available inventory.

Success: Increased eCPMs and consistent monthly earnings without impact to retention

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.32.17 AM

DeNA greatly benefitted from Vungle’s analysis and strategy. DeNA, having an extremely engaged and high-value user base, was able to boost its eCPM and maximize the ad revenue it earned from its apps. Overall, DeNA has seen greater success with stable monetization and increased profitability without taxing its team or disrupting the user experience. By utilizing Vungle’s high quality video creative, dedicated support, and strategic guidance, DeNA is experiencing monetary growth while its users remain satisfied and engaged in the apps.

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