Get early access to advanced placement technology with Vungle SDK v5

It’s an exciting day at Vungle! Today, just in time for GDC, we announced Vungle SDK v5.0, our latest product offering that delivers on our commitment to providing dynamic and unique ad experiences that drive revenue for publishers and deliver high-value users for advertisers.

Building on our expertise in delivering the best ad experience to users

As a mobile publisher, delivering a great ad experience to users doesn’t just protect your app experience, it also helps drive revenue. When users have a better ad experience, they’re more likely to convert. And, higher conversion rates means more money for your business.

A lot plays into what users deem as a great ad experience. Yes, it need to be relevant, compelling and render well on the user’s device. But, it also needs to feel in sync with their current experience. You can’t force a 30 second video ad in the middle of gameplay, for example. But, that type of ad is perfectly suited for rewarded placements or in-between levels.

Vungle’s SDK v5 will help our publishing partners perfect that. Among other advancements, the new Vungle SDK enables publishers to configure multiple ad placements within their app and customize the ad that show in each placement. Doing so allows publishers to precisely control their experience and also support a wide range of unique customer journeys with unique and enjoyable ad experience throughout. It also enables our publishing partners to test to see what ad types are working best for each placement with placement-specific reporting.

Better ad experiences lead to better results

Considerable time has been sent by advertisers and publishers alike to figure out what drives user action. Vungle has made great strides in making that process easier for all. In November of last year, we released our very first set of Dynamic Templates, which help maximize revenue by automatically aligning ads to a user’s device/OS and enhancing the optimization process.

Advertisers benefit too, because better ad experiences lead to higher conversion rates. The templates overall are seeing a 30 percent net conversion increase across the brands and gaming companies using them when compared to all other creatives. A few highlights include:

  • Township by Playrix, which is seeing up to a 58 percent conversion increase;
  • DomiNations by Nexon M, which is seeing a 82 percent conversion increase overall.

The 5 existing and 10 new Dynamic Templates are available in Vungle’s existing SDK (4.0 and above). See all of them here.

Sign up to receive early access

The new SDK is now available to Vungle customers that would like early access. Simply sign up here and we’ll keep you updated on all the latest news, features, and when it’s available for you.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

    • Placements and enhanced reporting. Get early access to placements and enhanced reporting to increase your monetization revenue with Vungle.
    • Unparalleled control over your users’ ad experiences. Vungle’s 15+ unique ad templates combined with placement technology enables you to craft an ad experience that’s perfect for every user journey.
    • Increased demand for your inventory. Our initial conversations with some of the largest advertisers in the space have proven our guesses that the next wave of ad formats becoming available will be in high demand. Get first “dibs” on their demand for the ad formats coming out soon that will be exclusively available to publishers on SDK v5.
    • And much more…

Add yourself to the list today!

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