Vungle achieves milestone $300 million annual run rate

Today is a monumental moment in Vungle’s history. We’re proud and excited to announce that we’ve achieved a $300 million annual run rate. This marks our sixth year of consecutive growth.

This is an incredible accomplishment for us, one that we couldn’t have reached without all the wonderful people who’ve helped Vungle grow into the leading performance marketing platform for in-app video ads. (We’ve also include photos of some of the folks who’ve made this possible.)

It’s also a milestone that’s not reserved solely for us, but shared with all of our amazing advertising and publishing customers who’ve brought us to where we are today.

We want to make sure we recognize and thank them all. We’re honored and humbled that they continue to place their trust in us to optimize their return on ad spend, deliver the highest quality consumers and maximize their ad revenue.

We’re also excited to release our new Mobile Advertising Benchmark Report for 2017. It examines the current state of mobile advertising, where consumers are spending their time and showcases mobile ad performance data advertisers can use to plan the performance marketing strategies. You can download it now.

The evolving advertising landscape
There aren’t many companies that ever reach a $300 million annual run rate, and we’re ecstatic to count ourselves as one of them. It’s a testament to how much the advertising landscape has evolved, as well as the value Vungle delivers to marketers in companies of all sizes–from startups to Fortune 500 businesses–who want to reach, acquire and engage modern consumers.

More advertisers than ever before are using mobile performance marketing strategies to grow their audience, and for good reason. The average consumer spends more than three hours a day on their mobile devices, a number that has quadrupled since 2011. By contrast, if you look at consumer engagement time with other media, such TV, radio and print, usage has decreased every year over the same time period.

But building a high-value audience on mobile can’t be approached in the same way as traditional digital advertising. Mobile is a unique platform. People carry their devices with them all the time and engage with them throughout the day in all manner of situations. To capture a person’s attention, a mobile video ad needs to be designed, targeted and shown to that person in a way that takes full advantage of the mobile platform. The ones that do, often have dramatic performance increases. Our Vungle Creative Labs ads see upwards of 100 percent higher click-through rates and more than 200 percent higher install rates.

However, as the saying goes: This is just the tip of the iceberg. Effective in-app video advertising requires a firm understanding of mobile performance marketing best practices.

We’re so excited to share our $300 annual run rate with you and our Mobile Advertising Benchmark Report for 2017. Stay tuned for bigger things to come.

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Vungle's marketing team members have experience in gaming monetization, performance marketing, brand advertising, mobile analytics, app development and SaaS. We're former attorneys, journalists, research analysts, financial advisors and product managers. We are committed to producing content that helps brands and publishers across all verticals and industries grow their mobile businesses.

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